Members at Large Vacancies

The Village of Caroline is currently seeking applications from Village Residents as members at large to sit on the following boards:

  • Caroline FCSS Board (1)

  • Caroline Subdivision Development Appeal Board (2)

  • Caroline Library Board (1)

  • Caroline and District Athletic & Agriculture Society (1)

Applicants should submit the Members at Large application Caroline form of interest,  to the village office in person, by mail or fax, or by email to the CAO.

News for the Village

On behalf of Village Council and Caroline citizens,

it is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to welcome you to

our ‘Gateway to Paradise’! As a Village,

we have much to offer our residents, visitors,

and the surrounding rural community.

Utility News

If you are finding that your water usage is higher than you expect, but you have not found a leak or received a Leak Notice from our Office we encourage you to visit this site to explore ways to save water.


Organizational Meeting Summary October 24, 2017

Mayor - Councilor Rimmer

Deputy Mayor - Councilor Ceasor

Caroline & District Athletic & Agriculture Society - Councilor Parsons

Clearwater Regional Emergency Management Agency - Councilor Bugbee, Councilor Ceasor Alternate

Clearwater Regional Fire & Rescue - Councilor Rimmer, Councilor Bugbee Alternate

Central Alberta Economic Partnership - Councilor Rimmer

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - Councilor Parsons

Rocky Senior Housing Council - Council Bugbee, Councilor Ceasor Alternate

Rocky Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority - Councilor Sumyk, Councilor Rimmer Alternate

Inter-Municipal Collaboration Committee - Councilor Rimmer, Councilor Ceasor Alternate

Tri-Council Committee - All Councilors

Clearwater Regional FCSS - Councilor Bugbee

Caroline & Parkland Library Boards - Councilor Parsons, Councilor Ceasor Alternate.

Clearwater Community Police Advisory Committee - Councilor Sumyk, Councilor Ceasor Alternate

​Municipal Planning Commission - Councilors Ceasor, Sumyk, Rimmer.  Councilor Bugbee Alternate