Members at Large Vacancies

The village of Caroline is currently seeking members at large to sit on the following boards:

  • Caroline FCSS Board (1)

  • Caroline Subdivision Development Appeal Board (2)​


Applicants should submit the Members at Large application  Caroline form of interest,  to the village office in person, by mail, or by email to the CAO.​​​

News for the Village

On behalf of Village Council and Caroline citizens,

it is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to welcome you to

our ‘Gateway to Paradise’! As a Village,

we have much to offer our residents, visitors,

and the surrounding rural community.

2017 Village Newsletters - distributed with utility bills bi-monthly




Utility News

If you are finding that your water usage is higher than you expect, but you have not found a leak or received a Leak Notice from our Office we encourage you to visit this site wateruseitwisely.com to explore ways to save water.